Columbia Sportswear

Columbia’s record of success in reducing worker’s comp injuries and expenses (a mod factor reduction from 1.57 to 0.94) is directly tied to your efforts five years ago by connecting us with a worker’s comp company that could actively help us. You understood our situation and more importantly, understood the kinds of companies out there that could provide us the service we needed. The record speaks for itself. Your continuing involvement has helped me greatly inrate negotiations, plan design options, and even “shopping” the business when it was prudent to obtain competitive quotes. Your own insurance underwritting experience has helped me understand the negotiation process through the eyes of someone on the other side of the table — a valuable experience.

But of all the good things I can say, probably the one that stands out the most is your customer service. I don’t think I know of another vendor with whom we do business who keeps Columbia’s interests foremost in their minds the way you do. Your knowledge of the insurance industry coupled with your constant desire to do what’s best for us is an unbeatable combination. That attitude is also displayed in the promptness with which you respond to calls or faxes when we have questions. The fact that you listen to what we say helps you greatly in providing excellent service. And your diplomatic way of disagreeing when you have a better idea is also an attribute.

Bill Baumann
Director, Human Resources